Cosmetic Girls is a book of ink illustrations on top of photographs by Hein Kunh Oh from his book Cosmetic Girls. Hein Kunh Oh's photographs capture young Korean girls attempting to hide their insecurities behind makeup. I created a delicate 'typeFACE' based off of cosmetics to turn these insecurities into graphics.

A for acne

B for beard

C for comb

D for digital

E for eyebrow

F for fragrance

G for genetic

H for hairball

I for insect

J for juicy

K for Kreme

L for lotion

M for moldy

N for nicotine

O for Organic

P for pimple

Q for q - tip

R for reptile

S for seaweed

T for teeth

U for ultra-violet

V for vector

W for wart

X for x-ray

Y for yolk

Z for zit